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Question of the Week: No More Midnight Madness?

Students who look at the activities calendar this fall may find a surprising gap in October’s campus festivities – namely, the absence of the rowdiest October event, Midnight Madness. The pep-rally-esque event is usually held in the Jean Yawkey Center to celebrate Emmanuel’s various athletic teams. This year, however, the event seems to have taken a quiet exit from the school’s fall agenda.

How do you feel about the cancellation of Midnight Madness?

Brianna Coleman, ’16
“I feel like it hardly matters if Midnight Madness is going to be held. People are just going to move the party off-campus–but I guess that’s what the administration wants. It just won’t be as much as a pep rally for EC.”

Chelsea Sirois, ’16
“I just think it’s upsetting because it was a time for freshman to get to know the upperclassmen. It was a bonding experience for not just the teams, but the whole school…and I’m pissed because I love Midnight Madness.”

Matt Powers, ’17
“I personally think it’s a good thing because students won’t be getting drunk for the event, since they do it off-campus on the weekends, anyways. I don’t want to physically watch people embarrass themselves. If Midnight Madness is an excuse for people to drink then that’s just sad.”

Emily Williams, ’17
“I just don’t know how a decision like that could have been made without input from students.”

 Maggie Dobbins, ’15
“It’s just not fair that students can be publicly drunk when any other night of the year that wouldn’t be allowed, so I think it’s a good thing that it’s been canceled.”

For more info on the cancellation of Midnight Madness, check out our article HERE.

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One Response to Question of the Week: No More Midnight Madness?

  1. Christine Abram, 15'

    October 16, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    I think it was one of the very few events at Emmanuel that allowed students to let their hair down. And for that I think it is a shame that the faculty didn’t want to put in the effort to ‘control’ it as they said. I think creating a mass exodus for the smokers and this is clear examples of how the administration is ignoring the student voice. Who is this better for? The students? Nope. Its all about the school’s image.