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Changes to SGA Constitution

Before America turned red following the results of Tuesday’s Midterm Elections, entering the nation into a sort of political autumn that’s poised to last at least two years, the SGA took a thick crimson marker to its constitution.

On October 28th, a portion of the regularly held meeting between class senators and advisers was spent considering updates both small and discussion-worthy. There were a myriad of changes made to language (tomato, tomato) that were part of a broader atmosphere of general clarification which the Constitution Committee determined necessary to aid the document

At last check, the proposed edition of the Student Government Constitution – now available for download on their website – featured a negligible minor error or two, such as a missing Article specifying Duties and Powers of members. Nothing to be found after some mild sleuthing, however, is deserving of the House of Cards treatment, and the student body is encouraged to read for themselves.

One section of the Constitution that received heightened scrutiny at the two most recent meetings was Article VIII, “Violations and Judicial Procedures” or the removal of abusive class senators.

A measure was initially tabled due to lack of time, but on November 4th, it was concluded that explicit reasons for senator removal be updated. SGA senators cannot miss two or more meetings unexcused, nor can they be absent for their office hours two or more times without explanation (but ask yourself if that’s ever happened).

The topic that inspired much contention among SGA members was in regards to club fundraising. A section was added to include the revocation of funds in the event that requirements were not fulfilled by an organization. The Article was updated with attention paid to what fundraisers a club can undertake and how: either benefiting the club, or a charity.

But as the Article was suffering from acute vagueness, several class officers began to foresee potential loopholes for abuses. Without explicit direction on how to purpose money raised for charity, one member of the SGA tentatively remarked, “A club can keep money – for a charity – for themselves… That seems kinda shady.”

It was later noted from a member of the Finance Committee that “from past experience most clubs that do a fundraiser for charity donate it all,” though adviser to the SGA Dan Darcy expressed concern for illegitimate fundraising practices on campus.

SGA Constitution (as of 11/5/14)

Paul Rowley ’16 is a columnist and staff writer for The Hub. Follow him on twitter @almanacalism.

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