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Five Types of Boys You Meet at Emmanuel

Going out on the weekends you can expect to meet a wide variety of boys. After a while they all start to fall into the same five categories. There isn’t anything wrong with this! Shoes and desserts are categorized and we still love them (don’t take it personally boys). Watch out for these types of boys next time you’re out on the town.

1.  Generic “nice guy”:


He’s cute, dresses well and you seem him in the JYC sometimes. This guy is alright and you like him but, Jesus Christ you don’t know what to say to him. You can only talk about your feelings about elevator in Joe’s so many times. If there’s nothing to say to him maybe he isn’t the right pick for you. Probably keep texting him and hook up later if he’s really really cute.

2.  Artsy/Stoner Guys:

smoke weed

Can be seen smoking cigs at the benches and slinking around Riverway. These guys are hybrids because they’re creative and into expression. That’s traditionally a way to show off a sensitive side but they also do drugs and skateboard which makes them bad ass. It’s confusing but if you end up with an artsy stoner you’ll get it. Or not. Whatever, man. 420 blaze it.

3.  Lax Bros/Jocks


Strong, handsome and cool they are the life of the party. Maybe not the nicest and most respected boys, but they get the job done. A lot of girls don’t like sports team guys because of their bad rep, but don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole pie!! Jocks are strong and nothing is better than a boyfriend who can pick you up and carry you to your dorm when you’re too sleepy. They might ask you to do their college algebra homework for them, but we love them anyway.

4.  Bromance Guys


This sect of boy might be specific to Emmanuel. These are the guys always seen in packs. They are never alone which makes flirting with them difficult sometimes. Bromance guys are all about spending time with the boys, drinking beers, video games and other weird boy stuff. It’s easy to develop a distant crush for one of them, but it probably won’t go any further than a fumbling make out session at a party off campus. Sorry ladies, but these guys are already taken by each other.

5.  Future Dads


These guys are the best guys. Everyone on campus knows who they are and even Sister Janet has a little crush on them. They hold doors, get their homework in on time and volunteer with orphans. Dating a future dad will be the highlight of your Emmanuel dating career, you should probably put it on your resumé.

Agree? Disagree? Comment with your fave type of EC guy

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