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Habitat For Humanity Fights For Funding

Habitat for Humanity’s E-Board: Nora Alsahlawi, Breezy Mousley, Keith Baillargeon and Kaitlyn Waters.

On November 4, Habitat for Humanity got their special funding for a trip to New Mexico after an initial rejection for special funding and a week of meetings with the Financial Committee.

The motion was ‘tabled’ last week due to “not enough information” according to SGA President Amy Chung. In being tabled, the discussion was put off until the SGA meeting this week, where the motion for special funding was passed. With the approval of this trip, Habitat is able to receive status as a National Habitat Chapter.

On October 28, Habitat stated that their total cost for the trip would be 18K-19K, according to the SGA twitter. This week, that number came down $13,948. When Habitat requested $3,498, enough to cover trip and flight deposits for which the deadline is next Monday in order to keep their present quotes, and was approved.

In the days between Oct 28 and Nov 4, Habitat researched the questions the SGA had about their trip. The plan presented on Nov 4 coincided with Emmanuel’s insurance policy, as well as the student to faculty ratio and the student to cost ratio.

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