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November Horoscopes

Editor’s Note: Every month, staff writer Anna Topping will be giving you, the Emmanuel College community, your personalized monthly horoscope. Enjoy!


Buckle down in the library and get cozy in a couch upstairs. You’ll have a lot of hard work to do, but it’ll pay off so don’t lose motivation. Treat yo’ self by spending all your left over flex cash at the atrium at the end of the month.


Don’t be so clingy like chill. Emmanuel has way more boys than girls so if you’re texting a guy a lot and he doesn’t seem to be responding, cool it. If you give him space he’ll want you more.


When registering for classes in the beginning of the month make sure that you are prepared. Have your computer charged and don’t have Facebook open in a tab because it’ll only slow you down and then you’ll have to take 8am bio.


You’ve been homesick lately but that’ll change soon. Let go of your high school friends a little bit and get closer with your new Emmanuel friends. Go to Harvard or the lax house and let loose… and maybe a cute guy will put you on the overnight list 😉


Your emotions are out of control. One minute you’re happily eating lunch at the Muddy and the next you’re yelling because the elevator is taking too long. Maybe go home for a weekend, you need it.


Get off Facebook and actually meet people. Adding people from your classes on Facebook and Twitter isn’t making college friends. Be outgoing and it’ll pay off.


You spent way too much money way too fast. Newbury Street is your best friend and worst enemy. Next time someone asks you to go to Chipotle instead of the dining hall say no, it’ll be good for your wallet and your bowels.


Major relationship drama. If it’s your old flame from home, forget about him for a while, if he’s worth it you’ll see him again. If it’s an Emmanuel guy, I would drop him and spend some time at Wentworth.


You keep thinking you have Ebola because of how awful you feel all the time. Go to bed early and when you’re in the JYC get soup and salad instead of pizza or something at the grill.


A burst of energy is coming your way. Use it to get ahead in class and make up for that midterm you didn’t study for. In the middle of the month you’ll meet a guy with a lot of boyfriend potential. The kind of guy who will always eat dinner with you and binge watch TV with in bed.


You’re thinking about changing your major and you’ve been to academic advising like six times. Take some time to think about decisions before you make them. The future is stressing you out but don’t worry you’re handling it really well.


Your parents saw those pictures of you dancing on the pool table at Harvard and drunk on the T. BUSTED! They’ll be pissed at you for a while but it’s nothing that a sweatshirt you bought them at the bookstore with the Fenway Cash they gave you can’t fix.

Anna Topping is a Staff Writer for The Hub. Follow her on Twitter @annaytopping or contact her at

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