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“Journey” A Poem by Abbi Matheson

Enveloped as if by a warm blanket
Sitting in the front seat
Watching people pass as I wait
Their lips move in conversation
Faces show laughter and amusement
But the glass hides the sound

I want to start the car and
Drive off never looking back
Never coming back
Leaving behind the people who
Do not know the world
I want to see that world unknown

They come and go in bursts of
Freedom and excitement as they leave this place
Putting distance behind them
Seeing it in front of them
But always returning

Through the windshield I look not at the people passing but
At the sky with clouds like stones
A heavenly pathway to lead me out
And on into the world
It is just out of reach

And so I am kept from the journey
Left with the comfortable discomfort
Of remaining here

Abbi Matheson is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be reached at

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