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QOTW: How Do You Feel About The Senate Election?

In this installment of the Question of the Week, Hub writers Brian Burns and Ian Chamenko asked 400 The Fenway how they felt after last week’s midterm elections. Unfortunately, it seems our sampling tended to be, overall, a little less than… participatory.

qotw 2

Haley Walinksy: I didn’t vote. But am I allowed to? I’m from Rhode Island.

Richard Audet: What were the election results?

Julian Diggs: I haven’t been keeping up with the election results.

Grant Kuehl: I feel like America has spoken. It’s a good thing for Hillary Clinton because people will be so sick with Republicans by the time she’s running for office.

Johanna Salisbury: I’m embarrassed by how uninformed I am. The results, for me, weren’t entirely favorable. But I didn’t vote. I’m very embarrassed, make sure you include that.

Megan Cherry: In terms of the questions, that’s what I cared most about. So, I guess two out of four isn’t that bad. I was disappointed about the results for the questions about bottles and casinos. I wish people cared more about the environment than a five cents deposit.

Martina Benassi: To be entirely honest, I was a terrible American and didn’t exercise my right to vote. Oops!


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One Response to QOTW: How Do You Feel About The Senate Election?

  1. George

    December 4, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    People shouldn’t be embarrassed about not voting. It is an educated choice by lack of education. Being informed is important when it comes to elections. Voting with in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the various topics covered in elections certainly is not an easy task, especially as a busy student. I would argue that it is American in principle to abstain from voting when aware of a lack in personal knowledge or understanding surrounding the topics at hand.