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EC Faces: Randy

The subject of this week’s EC Faces is the Bon Appétit employee with a distinctly commanding charisma. If you have dined in the atrium café, you probably have had the inevitable pleasure of interacting with Randy. Take a look at this Hub’s exclusive one-on-one interview.

The Hub: Okay. The Basics. Name? Age? Hometown?
Randy: Randy Bird. 29. I’ve lived in Boston my whole life.

H: How long have you worked with Emmanuel?
R: I’ve worked with Emmanuel for three years. I am a cashier / fill the customer service position. Whenever there’s a problem, they call Randy.

H: I assume then you must have a dining hall pet peeve.
R: Ahhh. There are so many to choose from. Manners are big and manners are free, they can get you so far in life. Also, being on your cell phone and asking me a question… really?? Pick one please.

H: What would most students be surprised to know about you?
R: I’m a really shy person outside of work. I don’t talk a lot and I like to be alone.

H: What does consume your time out of work?
R: I like to go to sporting events and I like to sleep. ESPN takes up a lot of my time and I spend a lot of time with my family.

H: Recommend a good movie.
R: Okay, uh the new X-Men Days of Future Past. #TrippyMan

H: What is Randy Bird’s current song?
R: Blind Threats – Schoolboy Q

H: What’s your favorite place in Boston?
R: My Home.

H: Can you dance?
R: Hell yeah… I do a mean Colton Dance.

Ian Chamenko is the Public Relations Director for the Hub. He can be reached at

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