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Commencement Speaker 2015: Boston Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley

“I am pleased to announce that Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap. will deliver Emmanuel’s 2015 Commencement address” Sister Janet Eisner announced last Friday over the Emmanuel Portal.

Seán Patrick O’Malley and an additional guest, President/chief executive officer to the Council of New England, James T. Brett, will both be receiving honorary degrees for the important work they’ve been doing for Bostonians.

But who is O’Malley?

He was appointed as the Cardinal of Boston in 2003 by former Pope John Paul II. Recently, Pope Francis appointed him to a counsel of eight men of the church created to govern and reform the Catholic church.

He may seem like a boring old Cardinal at first, but men of the church have been modernizing since Pope Francis hit town. O’Malley keeps a blog that he frequently posts in that you can check out here: Cardinal Seán’s Blog.

There were even rumors of O’Malley becoming the Pope and was a contender to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. If he is selected later, how cool would it be to said that the Pope spoke at your college’s commencement?! Not as cool as Kim Kardashian, but still pretty cool.

Save the date: Commencement Day Exercises will be held on Saturday, May 9, 2015. This may seem like it’s a long way away, but preparations for the big day are already in motion. This will be the 93rd commencement that Emmanuel has seen.

How was O’Malley selected?

“For this milestone event, a speaker is ultimately selected by the President of the College,” said Dr. Joe Onofrietti, Dean of Students. “Sister Janet confers with members of the President’s Cabinet  as ideas and recommendations surface from various groups, such as faculty, trustees, students and alumni.”

Students may not have the final say in the choice, but they can suggest ideas and nominate community members. No guarantee that their suggestions will be used, but they will be considered.

“Speakers, as well as honorary degree recipients, are selected based on excellence in their field, as well as synergy with the mission of Emmanuel College,” said Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer, Vice President of Student Affairs. “Recommendations of honorary degree recipients are approved by the Board of Trustees.”

Remember: a minimum of 128 credits is required for an undergrad degree at Emmanuel. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) is also required. Only classes with a semester grade of 2.0 (C) or above are accepted for major courses and minor courses; grades of 1.0 (D) or above are accepted for other courses.

Don’t forget to turn in a degree application form to your designated academic advising office by September 15 for December completion and by February 17 for May completion.

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