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QOTW: What are your Thanksgiving Traditions?

Staff writer Ian Chamenko took to the JYC, Quad, and everywhere in between to ask students whats unique about their Thanksgiving experience.


“I usually play a game called how many beers can I chug in grammy’s bathroom.”
– Kevin Gagnon ’17

“We don’t do thanksgiving. My family owns a restaurant and that’s our biggest day.”
– Megan Malaby ‘17

“The day after, we get a tree, decorate it, and listen to Christmas music.”
– Kierstin Giunco ‘17

“I typically go out for a run in the morning… maybe ten plus miles so that I get really hungry.”
– Tom Tallo ‘16

“We don’t do turkey, we bring a lot of food that we used to make back in China… rural Chinese food.”
– Ri Yan ‘18

“We hang out in sweats all day, watching the dog show and the parade while being weird with each other. The meal always ends with two to three pieces of pie and a little bit of self hatred.”
– Sarah Colby ‘15

“In my Grandma’s town there is a three mile walk for cancer awareness that we all do in the morning. My grandma is 92.”
– Emily Fish ‘17

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