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#EnoughIsEnough: Protesters Take Over Boston Streets

On Thursday, December 4th, thousands rallied in the streets of Boston protesting the grand jury decision regarding Eric Garner’s death. The group organized via Facebook. 

Staff writers Seth Garcia ’16 and Paul Rowley ’16 marched with the crowds and covered the event.

Below is a recap of the night in chronological order, as tweeted by various staffers at The Hub. Various hashtags were used throughout the night including #ICantBreathe, #EricGarner, and #EnoughIsEnough.

Crowds originally gathered near the Common and State House, where nearby a Christmas tree lighting was taking place.

The large crowd eventually migrated to City Hall Plaza.

Protesters then re-gathered back at the State House.

Paul and Seth reconvened by the end of the night and made it home safely.

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Paige Kennery is the Executive Managing Editor for The Hub. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @PaigeKennery.

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