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Your February 2015 Horoscopes


February AKA Valentine’s Day is usually a time for romance, but this year put love on hold for a while. There are more pressing matters at hand, like a new semester and new classes. Get yourself organized and focus on starting this semester strong by turning in all your homework and participating in class. Your hard work will be rewarded on Valentine’s Day in the form of a secret admirer. 😉


DO NOT CLICK ACCEPT ANY TERMS AND CONDITIONS!! This is not a month for big decisions so put all your major life choices on hold until March. If you’re considering dropping a class, give yourself some more time to think it over. Remember: do not judge a class by the people who sit next to you on the first day.


Ugh, another semester at Emmanuel has you feeling beaten down, broken and bored. HELLO, YOU’RE IN BOSTON! Follow these instructions for a rejuvenating boost:
Step 1) Get on the T.
Step 2) Get off at a stop you have never been to before.
Step 3) Navigate back to EC using only Google Maps and your own two feet. You’ll see new things and places, which will reawaken your inner city slicker.


You are actually broke. Stop spending so much money on stupid stuff like shoes, movie tickets, textbooks etc. Only buy the essentials! Like tampons. It’ll be hard, but your wallet will thank you. Just think, in five years, when you’re able to pay back all your college loans, you won’t even remember that time everyone went to the aquarium and you couldn’t go because it cost too much.


You’ve been acting super rebellious lately because some people have been walking ALL OVER YOU and you’ve had ENOUGH! Take as much time as you need to get through your day and don’t let other people affect your personal decisions. Show people what a thug you are by not caring what anyone thinks and doing legit whatever you want. Trust me, people will notice and respect you for it.


Virgos are known perfectionists, so your expectations are high for this semester at EC. You’re the kind of person who has already made the perfect schedule, planned out all your outfits and even planned a tropical vacation for spring break. Shake it up a little bit by going into this semester with no plans at all. Let things happen as they please. Don’t keep trying to control every aspect of your life! This may seem stressful and scary at first, but you’ll be like, Snoop Dogg relaxed by midterms.


February is a very romantic month, not only because it’s Black History Month, but because Valentine’s Day candy and flowers are being thrown in your face 24/7. All this exposure to romance gives Libras a weirdly strong desire for intimacy towards the middle of the month. Do NOT ignore this! Get both physically and mentally closer with your love interest, but remember: Emmanuel is a Catholic institution so sex on campus is forbidden. (sex in the Chipotle bathroom is not forbidden btw).


Not typically the type to gossip, Scorpios need to watch their tongues this month. You could let a big secret slip on the 15th and it’ll come right back to bite you. For example, maybe that thing your roommate told you about her rash. DO NOT accidentally tell her crush about this at a party in Allston because she will be really upset.


It’s time for a total change of scenery. If you live on campus now, start planning to move off campus next year. If you already live off campus, move to a different area. You’ve been itching for excitement and moving somewhere new is a perfect solution. Tip: when apartment hunting, make sure to bring along friends and get their opinion because two heads are better than one.


Capricorns are notoriously good at business and financial affairs. Use these skills to your advantage shopping for your textbooks for this semester. Hunt down the best deals and score a nice used copy of A People, A Nation instead of dropping all the money you made this summer at the bookstore renting books that you won’t even read.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Right now you are blowing out the candles on your birthday cake and getting tons of “happy birthdays” from people you distantly know on Facebook. Celebrate by treating yourself to a fun weekend. Go to the Cheesecake Factory and get something delicious, then go to Allston and throw up that something delicious.


This is a time to focus more on school and career planning than family and love life. Visit the Career Center to get your resume looked over before applying for any internships or jobs. The more time you put into your career ventures, the better chances you have of being hired… Also, “Happy Birthdayyy :)” – someone you went to high school with.

Anna Topping ’17 is a staff writer for The Hub and uses her psychic connection to gather the monthly horoscopes. Follow her on Twitter @annaytopping.

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