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Special QOTW: What are you doing during the Blizzard?

January 27th’s super storm “Juno” brought a historic amount of snow to Emmanuel College’s campus, leaving classes canceled and an echoing agreement from students that snow days are meant for studying, sleeping, and Netflix. Check out what students of EC are doing during Blizzard Juno in this week’s edition of Question of the Week:

IMG_3057 “Homework, movies, and the gym. Go Saints.” – Donnie Litzelman ’17

IMG_3061 “I plan on crawling into bed, watching The Office on Netflix, and ignoring my responsibilities!!!” – Kailee Thomas ’16

IMG_3067“Shaving my legs.” – Mark Durham ’17

IMG_3056“Building a blanket fort and then having a snowball fight.” – Christine Durkee ’15

IMG_3050“I’m going to come here again for dinner, work on my distinction project a little, go to the gym (maybe), and watch Netflix … nothing outside that list!” – Molly Cartier ’15

IMG_3038 “Working.” – Paola Nathalie Rivas ’17

IMG_3026“Gonna sleep all day!!” – Shannon Rudd ’17

IMG_3019“Getting ahead on school work (and complaining about the snow). – Devon Wright ’17

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