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QOTW: What Was Your First Screen Name?


Graphic and included responses: Ian Chamenko ’16

“Millennials this!” “Millennials that!” We’re either the most conceited generation or the most innovative, apparently. Was there something in the water in the mid-to-early 90s that taught us all to watch entire seasons of Orange is the New Black in one night, or to perfectly compensate for a bad selfie angle with just the right combination of vignetting and filtering?  Maybe the cultural glue that binds us, though, isn’t the year we were born or how many likes we feel are necessary for self actualization, but the way we learned to interact with each other. This, assuming you weren’t raised a Luddite, was through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Some (me) might argue that this was the thread which bound our earliest friendships. How else did you know who was dating in your middle school? I mean, if your best friends didn’t list your initials in their profiles, were you even friends at all? These are the real existential questions of our pubescent generation. We decided it was time to face the music of our pasts and confront the life decisions that made us the social butterflies we are today. We want to know how you presented yourself to the int3rw3b community before profile photos were a thing. But, we aren’t interested in your last screen name that you had that was all progressive and indie and edgy. What did you think was cool when you were like, twelve?

Not sure if you’re a Millennial? Don’t worry, take a quiz about it. Otherwise, enjoy the following public shaming in this installment of the Question of the Week:

What was your first AIM screen name? or: wut waz ur 1st sn? 

Pam Spencer ’17: icegirl17

Excuse: I used to go ice skating… thought I was really good at it. (I wasn’t).

Sean Baxley ’15: BaxLucky13

Excuse: My favorite number was 13.

KeYana Reed ’17: Mochababexo

Excuse: My friend made it for me… pretty self explanatory.

Liz Racine ’17: MissDrama667

Excuse: I was kind of a bitch.

Holly Zeppieri ’17: hkzpippy

Excuse: My dad always called me Pippy. He still does.

Ashanti Jackson ’15: KoBreeze

Excuse: My older cousin called me that and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Eve Barkin ’16: DoraTheSploraXO

Excuse: Took me a really long time to choose this one… I had a lot of other options such as “macncheesegirl,” but my middle name is Dora, so… wordplay.

Cara Callahan ’15: CaraBear318

Excuse: A twist on my name, the Care Bears, and my birthday.

And responses from some of The Hub staff…

Chelsea McDonnell ’15: xitsxchelseaxox

Excuse: Everyone had x’s in their name.

Monica Busch ’15: SuperGirl9392

Excuse: Is there even one? It’s my birthday and my ego all put together.

Paige Kennery ’15: sunshineallday29

Excuse: It was on a shirt.

Paul Rowley ’16: herespauly94

Excuse: I had just seen the shining, so…

Abbi Matheson ’17:

Excuse: My mom never let me get one!

Brian Burns ’16: buffyburns135

Excuse: I asked for a crucifix on the day of my communion not because I was a good catholic but because i wanted to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What was your first AIM screen name? Share in the comments. ttyl~~~~

Monica Busch ’15 is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. Follow her on Twitter @somethingmonica or e-mail her

Ian Chamenko ’17 is the Public Relations Director of The Hub and makes stellar graphics for us which is why he is the first nominee to run around campus and ask seemingly inane questions. E-mail him 

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