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Students Evacuate JYC and Marian Hall, No Fire Found

DSC_0048February 5th at around four o’clock, a fire alarm sounded in Marian Hall, causing an immediate removal of all students from the dining hall and classes in the building.

Despite speculation from a number of students, Jack Kelly, Director of Campus Security, reports that the alarm was not, in fact, a kitchen fire. There was no smoke at all, Kelly says.
The alarm reportedly sounded because of a glitch in the alarm system. The Boston Fire Department responded to the scene and confirmed for security that there was no fire.

Kelly says that problems like this are to be expected.

“An alarm’s not an unusual thing around here- we have alarms going off in the res hall when someone’s using a hair dryer…From time to time something like that [the glitch in the system], I mean not frequently, but it’s not unusual.”

Abbi Matheson ’17 is a staff reporter for The Hub. E-mail her at

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