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Diversity and Multicultural Committees Announced

The members of the new President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusivity, to be supported by a Student Advisory Committee for Multicultural Programs, have now been announced via a portal announcement.  This committee is comprised solely of students, itself being advised by staff from both Student Affairs and Human Resources.

Photo: Monica Busch '15

Photo: Monica Busch ’15

The Commission’s first meeting was originally supposed to be held February 12th, but has now been postponed to the 19th. The group intends to meet at least five times this semester to discuss developing ways to strengthen campus diversity, and will also aid the administration in bringing those ideas to fruition. The meetings will be held from 8:00-9:15 in the morning, and will be available to the public.

“This is not the work of one person. This is the work of the community,” says Carolyn Caveny, Associate Director of Academic Advising. “We want people to be aware that multiple things are happening simultaneously.”

She also noted that there may be other groups that will augment the community’s efforts.

The President’s Panel consists of Dr. William Leonard, Erin Farmer Noonan, and Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer representing Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and Students Affairs, respectively. The panel, which is facilitated by Caveny, serves an advisory role to Sister Janet Eisner. The function of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusivity is to report to the panel and advise them on Emmanuel’s diverse social climate.

The members of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusivity are:

  • Carolyn Caveny, Commission Chair
  • Laurie Boyd ’16
  • Shamika Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions for Multicultural Recruitment
  • Ashanti Jackson ’15
  • Bill Leonard, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Kelly McGuire, Associate Professor of English
  • Clare Mehta, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Erin Farmer Noonan, Director of Human Resources
  • Patricia Rissmeyer, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey Smith, Director of Multicultural Programs
  • Kyera Sterling ’15
  • Jaime Vidaurrazaga, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies

The members of the Student Advisory Committee for Multicultural Programs are:

  • Adebukola Ajao ’16
  • Norhuda Alsahlawi ’15
  • Cherokee Belval ’17
  • Samantha Bissell ’15
  • Beraca Depestre ’15
  • Ashley Jeannot ’17
  • Miller Penaflor ’16
  • Nashauni Ponton ’15
  • Jonathan Rowe ’18
  • Akyanna Smith ’15
  • Madison Soares ’18
  • Gabriela Taveras ’17
  • Samantha Tingue ’18
  • Ashly Uss ’17
  • Devon Wright ’17

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