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QOTW: How Do You Feel About Make-Up Days?

With five snow days so far this semester, rumors of make-up classes have been plentiful. This week, however, they came into fruition. These schedule tweaks have left the students at EC with mixed feelings, mostly contempt. See what Emmanuel students have to say about make-up days in this installment of the Question of the Week:


snow days

“I can’t go to mine because I have work. Some people are put at a disadvantage. I would go to the make ups if I could, though.” – Cori Sutton ’16

“If they have to be on Saturdays, that is unnecessary. The turn up is on Friday nights.” – Samira Duran ’17

“As a student, I think it’s very important to not miss out on learning skills we could need for a job. Missing a week’s worth of material could be detrimental. At the same time, no one wants to have classes. It is what it is.” – Jordan Becker ’15

“I am student teaching this semester, so it’s kind of irrelevant. I feel like I would rather learn from a teacher in lecture than on-line, though.” – Kevin Flynn ’15

“Awful idea. Why should we go to class on days we don’t have class because of something that is out of our control, [like the] snow and MBTA?” – Bayen Sulzman ’16

“I think it’s ridiculous… I don’t mind the Friday one, but I think that having a class on Easter at a Catholic college defeats the purpose of going to a Catholic college.” – Tom Dion ’17

“I personally don’t want them… I am caught up on all my classes. It would just mean going for credit hours.” – Alyssa Marconi ’17

“I think they’re whack. We can’t control the weather. What if we had something scheduled for that day? I don’t know your schedule, you don’t know mine. – Pat Costelloe ’18


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