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BPD Used Campus as Communication Base for Super Bowl XLIX

On February 1, Emmanuel College and the Boston Police Department prepared for the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIX in the city of Boston.

Much like the preparation for the 2013 World Series game in Boston, Emmanuel security met with the BPD to discuss what they would be doing. BPD set up barriers around various parts of the Fenway area as well as kept their officers in regular uniforms rather than in riot gear so as not to induce a bad reaction from the possible crowds.

On campus, officers were placed at the gates on Brookline Ave, Louis Pasteur, and the main drive in gate as well. This was in response to the World Series of 2007, when other students from other Boston collegesĀ attempted to walk through Emmanuel to reach Kenmore Square.

The State Police Communications vehicle was also at Emmanuel that Sunday. Here they received feed from helicopters all over the city showing real time video of different areas. Jack Kelly, Director of Emmanuel Campus Safety, commented that this is very beneficial for them because they are able to inform students of problem areas and keep them safe.

State Police reportedly use Emmanuel as their communications base because of the convenience. The area surrounding campus is under the State Police jurisdiction and the Library parking lot is underused on the weekends, so for them, Emmanuel is an ideal location.

Kelly, however, was worried the shuttle would be impacted in its route to and from campus. As a result, the shuttle was loaded in front of the MERC building. However, he says, there were no problems with the shuttle that night.

The Boston Police Commissioner sent out a letter later that week thanking Boston college students. There were no arrests in the city, college students or otherwise, in relation to Super Bowl activity.

Though there was some student speculation, the Super Bowl had no impact on the delayed decision to cancel the following Monday’s classes, Kelly said.

Abbi Matheson is a Staff writer for The Hub. Reach her at

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