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IT Prepares for E-mail System Updates

Emmanuel College is about to get a digital face-lift. At the Jan. 20 SGA meeting, a complete email system update was approved and the school is now in the beginning phase of the transition. A test system should be available for review by next semester. The Emmanuel email system is being brought back to life and launched into the future.

The plan is to make the switch from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Live 365. This new suite will have a lot of helpful upgrades like a larger mailbox (you can save more emails), a more current user interface, and an easier method of file-sharing. Digital collaboration, similar to the features on, will be available through the account as well, which will encourage more group work online.

There are no set plans for an upgrade to the mySaints portal. Once the email update is complete, however, the school will begin to review possible renovations.

What does this mean for students? Your email address page will look totally different in a little over a year. The new interface will be just like Google plus was last year.  

Information provided by Alfred Oswald, Director of IT Services and Support.


Anna Topping ’17 is a staff writer for The Hub and occasionally a campus psychic. E-mail her

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  1. Anna Topping

    March 21, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    i love this