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QOTW: What Do You Think is in The Bell Tower?

Do you know why the Emmanuel Bell Tower is so big? It’s full of secrets. Students were asked what they thought was inside the tower, and answers were scattered. What is in the bell tower? Is there a bell? Is there not a bell, but a speaker donated by a past graduating class? Or is there a homeless man squatting and sneaking into the Muddy for some Mac and Cheese on the off nights??


“I never heard of a bell tower on campus, nothing probably.” – Chris Cutrali ’17

“A bell? … I guess I never really thought about it.” – Kim (Graduate / Professional Programs)

“A bell… we would be kind of upset if there wasn’t!” – Elisa Cantito ’17 / Katherine Graham ’16

“Seventeen security cameras and the IRS.” – Drew Fox Jordan ’16

“Umm… a bell? Could be something… never thought about it.” – Connor Higgins ’17

“A loud speaker… I kind of want to go up there.” – Chloe Aiken ’18

“Chris Craig is being held hostage up there.” – Miller Penaflor ’16

“Sister Janet.” – John Sisinni ’17

“Quasimodo… because its a tower. He is up there right now.” – Celia Pardo ’18

“There was a homeless person up there once.” – Amiee Gaummond ’17

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