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EC Faces: Kyle Hardy

Be careful what you say around Kyle Hardy. The junior at Emmanuel has over 1,800 followers on his lively Twitter account and has a tendency to tweet “the things people are too afraid or don’t know how to say themselves.”

I sat down with Kyle to talk Twitter in this edition of EC Faces.


H: The basics – name, age, major, and hometown?
Kyle Hardy, 20, Business, Old Lyme Connecticut

H: What’s your twitter handle? 

H: How long have you had twitter?
Since August 2010… I was fourteen when I made an account.

H: How many tweets do you have?
Almost 30k.


H: So, how many times a day do you tweet?
I would say around ten.

H: Why do you tweet?
I tweet because it’s a way to express myself to other people. (in a comedic way)

H: Is there anyone you wouldn’t want reading our tweets?
Not really, my account is public… well, maybe my mom. She pays for my data.

H: What do you tweet about?
Everything… dogs, food, current events.

H: Can you identify any reoccurring themes in your tweets?
Yeah, the amount of food I eat, texts from my dad, most of the content is random though.


H: Whats the typical amount of favorites/retweets a tweet will get?
An average tweet will get eight to ten interactions.

H: Who is your twitter target audience?
People who can return the humor, people willing to discuss things that aren’t normally discussed… while having an open mind about it.


H: What do you think your followers are most receptive to?
Hmmm… things people are too afraid or don’t know how to say themselves. Regular stuff with a funny or sarcastic twist.

H: Who are your favorite tweeters at Emmanuel?
@nickcourtais , @Bohan_Identity@OG_RastaClot

What are some of your twitter pet peeves?
When people excessively tweet about being hung over and when people retweet recycled parody accounts.


H: Does the quality of your tweets make or break a friendship?
No… I have a few close friends who are really bad tweeters (no names).

H: Do you feel like you rule twitter or twitter rules you?
It definitely goes back and forth… if I don’t have wifi for an extended period of time I get very anxious.


H: Has tweeting ever gotten you into trouble?
I was in class one time and about how the people in my class are stupid and later that night my professor messaged me on EcLearn.

H: Are you follow for follow?
Yeah, for the most part.


H: Will you promo The Hub right now?
Yeah, totally.

Ian Chamenko is the Public Relations Director for the Hub. He can be reached at

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