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Your 2015 Easter Horoscopes

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and we can almost smell the plastic Easter grass that your cat eats and then pukes up under your bed. If you don’t have any Easter plans yet, see what the stars suggest you do to celebrate the return of the Easter bunny.


Is stealing all of the eggs from the egg hunts and not sharing the candy with anyone, even their baby cousins.


Is cooking an giant Easter meal for their family, it takes them all day to get everything just right and the table is even set with handmade notecards.


Will spend so much time alone in their house unless their friends drag them out to play Easter games.


Is snuggling with their family and they watch Netflix and go grocery shopping together, will spend a lot of time alone with pets


Wishing it was 4/20 instead of 4/5.


Does amazing job painting all of the Easter eggs, tries out new painting styles and techniques and personalizes eggs for all their friends.


Fills Easter eggs with glitter and candy then hides them in convenient places for everyone to find and enjoy.


Tells all the kids that the Easter bunny doesn’t exist but does it because they believe everyone should know.


Spends hours lost in the woods looking for their Easter basket, finds everyone else’s Easter basket before they find their own.


Thinks Easter is boring and instead has a normal Sunday and maybe eats one egg.


Makes sure all their homework is done and even does some extra credit to keep busy and because they love school more than Easter.


Sharpening your knife collection.


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