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Comedian Jeffrey Jay Delivers Humor and Awareness

Critically acclaimed comedian and public speaker Jeffrey Jay visited Emmanuel Friday, March 27 to perform comedy and to share insight about his experiences with transgenderism.

Throughout the hour-and-a-half event, a multitude of topics were covered– from getting stuck in the snow, testosterone shots, and meeting lovers on Craigslist.

“[Emmanuel College] was amazing,” said Jay. “Audiences are sometimes torn between curiosity and politeness in my shows…but these guys were awesome at it.”

The first half of the show was standup, while the second half was Q&A. Jay aims to share awareness and insight about his trials and tribulations through humor.

“No matter how big or small the event, I can get something cool out of it,” he said.

During the performance, the audience enthusiastically laughed at Jay’s wide range of topics.

“I had a good time,” Kate ’17 said. “It was really informative and interesting.”

Jay travels around the country and participates in comedy club shows and speaks at colleges. As he notes in his bio, “I do stand-up because I wanted to be an artist, but I wasn’t good at anything.”

“I say, go see every comedian.. even the ones you think you don’t like,” said Jay. “You learn from art. You learn more if they don’t share the same experiences as you.”

He has also been featured in The Advocate as one of  “The top 7 Transgender Comedians” and “7 LGBT Comics You Shouldn’t Have missed in 2011″, and has been seen on the CW morning show The Eye Opener, and a Finalist in The 2013 Funniest Comic in Texas.

“I thought [the show] was a lot of fun,” Darren, Junior, said. “It was a cool form of activism.”

During the interview with The Hub, Jay observed, “People don’t mind if you misquote them…just as long as you make them sound better. I’m cool with that.”


Kirk Abolafia is a staff writer for The Hub.

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