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Luminaries Shine Light on Dark Tragedy

When tragedy struck Boston two years ago, the city responded with tremendous strength and dignity. The Boston Marathon bombing that occurred on April 15th 2013 killed 3 people and wounding many others. The city was shaken. However, with the outpouring of love they received, they were able to recover.

Emmanuel College has contributed to this cause, with an idea that originally came from Assistant Director to Student Activities, Amma Marfo.

“My first year working at the College was the year of the bombing,” said Marfo. “[I] saw students shaken from everything that was going on. I wanted there to be an activity that they could use as a release to say some things they weren’t yet ready to say to people. The answer I came up with? Coloring.”

The original idea was to have students create cards to send out to the Boston Police and Fire Departments, along with the MBTA. However, they decided to take it a step forward. Since then, they have created luminary decorations to adorn the quad with light and positive messages written on them. Students make them themselves, and draw on them with marker.

Starting last year, they decided to put the luminaries in the chapel during the mass to commemorate the event. OSAMP intern Nicole Onofreo ’15 went around the quad on monday and asked sunbathing students if they would like to decorate one, and many students did and were happy to help.

The lanterns were positioned at the start of every pew in the chapel on Wednesday’s mass. They lit up and helped to give the mass a positive and warm atmosphere.

Briana Costa ’18 is a staff writer at The Hub. You can reach her at Follow her on Twitter @BrianaCosta.

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