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Courses Are Being Canceled Across the Board For Fall 2015

Since April 17, following Fall 2015 course enrollment, Emmanuel College students have received emails informing them that some of their classes have been cancelled.

The emails held the same format:

“Due to low enrollment, [Fall 2015 Course] has been cancelled for the Fall 2015 term.

This course has been removed from your schedule.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Granger F. Kenly III, Assistant Registrar, has been sending students these notifications.

Photo: John Phelan, WikiCommons, CC

Photo: John Phelan, WikiCommons, CC

Both  William Leonard, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Cindy O’Callaghan, the Associate Dean for Academic Program Support, have given statements contradicting these emails.

“All under enrolled classes are still being reviewed by Academic Affairs and members of the faculty,” O’Callaghan said in her email on April 28. “There is no cancellation list at this time.”

“Out of close to 400 classes, there might have been 20, 25 that were possibly looked at but not all of them, I know for a fact not all of them will be canceled,” Leonard said. This is a 5-6 percent rate of cancelation.

This is true. Dr. David Palumbo, Chair of the English Department, said that out of the five classes up for review in the English department, only four of them were canceled.

Two of these classes were ENGL 3801-01 Feature Writing and ENGL 2409 The Political Novel. A section of Intro to Communications was also canceled, though two sections remain.

Dr. Michelle Maiese, Chair of the Philosophy Department, said that out of the five philosophy classes up for review, only three of them were canceled. One of these classes was PHIL 2119 Symbolic Logic.

Reverend Thomas Leclerc, Chair of the Theology and Religious Studies, said that three classes were up for review, and THRS 2208 Global Christianity was canceled.

“After consulting with the Dean, one course was canceled and the other two courses remain available to students,” Leclerc said in an email on April 28.

Scott Gagnon, Chair of the Performing Arts Department, has not yet commented on the course cancelations. However, Lyndon Harewood ’17 received an email stating PERF 2323 The Sound Project was canceled for Fall 2015.

Cynthia Fowler, Chair of the Arts Department, has also not yet commented. Shennah Derstine ’17 received and email informing her that ART 3402 Interactive Design was canceled for Fall 2015.

Todd Williams, Chair of the Biology Department,  has not yet commented. A section of BIOL 2301 Experimental Biology was canceled. Students are asked to look into other sections.

“We consolidate, because, you know, obviously we can’t have 10 people in every course,” Leonard, Dean of Arts and Sciences, said. This is commonplace with under enrolled sections of courses with multiple sections available.

Linda Lin, Chair of the Psychology Department, stated that two psychology classes were canceled: PSYCH 3101 The Psychology of Women and PSYCH 2105 Cross-Cultural Psychology. This is typical of the department, she said.

Lenore Martin, Chair of the Political Science Department, declined to comment. Chair of the Chemistry Department Faina Ryvkin declined to comment.

Patricia Clarke, Chair of the Business Department , Catherine Bueker, Chair of the Sociology Department, and Jose Ignacio Alvarez-Fernandez, Chair of the Department of Modern Languages, have yet to comment.

It is unknown at this time if any courses in these departments have been canceled.

Anastasia Yogas ’16 was set to take ENGL 2409 The Political Novel in the Fall. This class was to fill one of the requirements for her American Studies Major. In its place, AMST 1101 Introduction to American Studies was proposed.

“Proposing the introduction course to that major, in my opinion, seems redundant,” Yogas said in an email on April 23. ” It does not offer a viable alternative for students like myself, who are approaching their senior year of study in the program.”

“They’re all under-enrolled classes, classes with like two, three, six people,” Leonard said.

Yogas wonders when class sizes become too small.

“I chose Emmanuel because of the small class sizes,” Yogas said. “To have classes canceled due to low enrollment seems redundant and hypocritical in my opinion. The most influential and informative classes I have had here, have been classes with fewer than 12 students.”

According to O’Callaghan, Associate Dean for Academic Program Support, all classes that have been under review and canceled have been under enrolled with “fewer than 10 students at the end of the registration period.” It would seem that 10 is the ‘magic number’ for class sizes.

“It’s not pedagogically sound, it’s not efficient,” Leonard said. “We haven’t canceled all of them yet, that have to be canceled. And we still wait and see what orientation students will register for.”

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