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Yawkey Center Floor Plan Refreshed for Fall

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The Jean Yawkey Center is the hub around which all of Emmanuel spins. In the past few years, there have been noticeable changes to the Yawkey’s scenery. Printers, vending machines, and two large televisions have been added, all at the request of students.

Now it seems the Center’s furniture is also following suit. The lower atrium has now been augmented with some living-room-style furnishings in the same vein as the upper atrium. Emmanuel’s OSAMP broke the news via twitter about the change.

“The Jean Yawkey Center is truly the living room on campus so we wanted to do something that would make the atmosphere a little more comfortable,” Kevin Farrell stated in an email.

According to Farrell, the new changes include “offering some couches and chairs downstairs while bringing some of our more standard furniture upstairs.”

“The changes that we have created are within our means,” Farrell noted, “we have the materials in-house to make some meaningful and productive alterations to the space.”

Speaking to any additional changes at hand, he stated that “as far as the student center is concerned, it is my hope that we continue to make small advancements each year to help build a spirited and vibrant atmosphere for our community.”

He also added that “in the Fall with the support of our IT department, we hope to add two computers to the desk next to the printer near the fitness center which will allow for students to print things as they rush to class or do some short-term research or check their email.”

The changes have already been made, so any student wishing to relax or even nap in the lower atrium can do so as soon as they return to campus.

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