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Scenes From Freshman Move-In Day

Second in importance only to receiving a degree, your wedding day and maybe the birth of your first child (if those are really important milestones to you!) is move-in day for first year undergrads.

Lingering fears and thrills may include, while not limited to: your roommate’s identity; if that urban legend about your residence hall is true; whether or not your roommate is DB Cooper; if you creep out your neighbors; if you find DB Cooper’s missing $200,000 buried on campus (can I have that in Fenway Cash? Am I right?) and other matters.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to jump out of that airplane called life and into the unknown with a lot of money strapped to your body. (To the uninitiated: that’s an analogy for debt, and you should learn how to manage it. DB Cooper did not, and when he jumped out of an airplane he hijacked with stolen bills over Washington state in the 70’s, he probably didn’t account for how heavy that bag of dough was. They never saw him again. You’ll go places, too!)

Check out this year’s move-in day for first year students below.

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