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Breaking Down EC’s Centennial Class of 2019

Photo: Monica Busch '15

Photo: Monica Busch ’15

The class set to graduate in Emmanuel College’s 100th year has officially made its first appearance at 400 The Fenway.

Dean of Enrollment Sandy Robbins has provided The Hub with the statistical breakdown of the Class of 2019.

The 588 members of the Class of 2019 moved onto campus last weekend for their first year of college, and a number of them came quite a long way to get here. While 289 of the 588 (49 percent) students hail from right here in Massachusetts, 18 other states plus the District of Columbia are represented in the incoming freshman class.

Connecticut (71), Rhode Island (49), and New Hampshire (36) are the next three most represented states, while New York (18), Florida (16) and California (7) are the top three most represented non-New England States.

Eleven students in the Class of 2019 have come from outside the country to become Saints. China is the only foreign country that has multiple representatives in the class with two, while Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam each have a single representative in the class.

Females continue to rule the school in the Class of 2019, as the percentage of males in the class, while in recent years were steadily increasing, dropped by four percent from last year. The new first-year students are 23 percent men and 77 percent women. 

The percentage of students of color in this class increases from 23 percent in the Class of 2018 to 25 percent in this year’s incoming class.

Almost nine percent of Emmanuel’s newest students are legacy students, meaning they have a family member who has attended in the past or is attending the college.

To those stepping on campus for the very first time, welcome to Emmanuel and welcome to Boston. To those coming back for more, welcome home.

Note: The above information is as of August 31 and is subject to change.

Curtis Fraser ’16 is a staff writer and the sports editor of The Hub. He can be contacted at

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