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Letter From the Editors

To quote the band Walk the Moon, “summer is over”, and a new year has begun. You recognize fewer faces in the dining hall, sometimes none at all. People you looked up to in your major are gone, and suddenly there are underclassmen looking to you in that way.

As we make the transition into the new semester, consider this, what will Emmanuel remember you for? I don’t mean Emmanuel in the grand scheme of the administration or the professors. I mean the peers you sit in class with every day, the freshmen you tutor through intro classes, the sophomores you help through their first 2000 level class. How will they remember you after you graduate?

Even if you aren’t a part of a club or student organization on campus, you still help shape it. People often forget that just by existing in the campus, you alter it. The social culture we live in is constantly changing, often times for the better. Consider how you can bring about this change. We at The Hub cannot exist without cooperation from the student body: in our staff, in those we interview, and in those who provide us with insight into the system that is Emmanuel College.

I want to reiterate the importance of transparency in our system. Information and being well informed are how change is enacted. If there is something on campus you don’t like, speak out. Write an article. Tell a writer (almost everyone is on Twitter). Start the conversation. Someone has to.

Abbi Matheson
Editor in Chief

Brian Burns
Executive Managing Editor

Paul Rowley
Assistant Managing Editor

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