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SGA Wrap-Up: September 8th, 2015

The Emmanuel Student Government Association met yesterday for a brief twenty minutes or so to recognize a new face and kick off the semester.

Tyler Gravelle, a member of the Class of 2016, was welcomed to the floor as the new Executive Secretary. In his introduction, he cited his leadership experience and diverse opinions of life on and off campus.

When asked about his personal goals by Senior Class President Anastasia Yogas, Mr. Gravelle said that he wished to refine the overall bureaucratic process for both the student body and the SGA.

It’s worthy of note that Tuesday’s meeting of the formal chamber was Madam President Catherine Graham’s first as leader of the SGA (that’s Catherine, not Katherine. Blame auto correct.)

Dr. Rissmeyer, in her Adviser’s Report, shared her excitement about upcoming programs including a trip to Coolidge Corner that she will guide.

“This really is an opportunity for First Year students to get to know the neighborhood,” Rissmeyer said. Coolidge is home to several restaurants, book stores, and the legendary Coolidge Corner Theater for good indie flicks.

Dan Darcy relayed some announcements, including that the Council of Presidents will meet from 6:30-7:30 PM on September 21st in the Muddy River Cafe.

You want tasty rumors from the assembly? Get them here. According to sources (as this is presently unconfirmed, we’ll keep them anonymous) dinner in the main dining hall was a “hot mess” and Bon Appetit was “not on their game” Monday night. Allegations were made that the whole place ran out of food and seats quick. We’re looking into it.

The SGA asks that you connect with their social media presences: follow @ECStudentGov and like their page on Facebook for updates.

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