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Community Alert Issued on Portal Warning Against False Uber Drivers

After a Simmons College student was reportedly approached by a man claiming to be her Uber driver, neighboring campuses, including Emmanuel, were put on alert.

“Recently in the City, there have been reported instances of motorists representing themselves as Uber/Lyft drivers in an attempt to lure individuals into their vehicles,” the portal notice from Campus Safety begins.

“Do not assume that a vehicle arriving at your location is the transport vehicle that you requested.”

Simmons College students received an alert instructing them to exercise caution if they use any ride share app in the future. The Emmanuel portal announcement, which was not e-mailed to students, recommends an Uber alternative called “Circle of 6” that bills itself as “preventing violence before it happens” in a vehicle alone with a driver. According to the website, “Circle of 6” can inform chosen contacts that you may be in danger or automatically call emergency hotlines in the event of a threatening ride share encounter.

In December of 2014, a woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver after she hailed a ride and was picked up along Tremont Street.

In August, taxi drivers united in Cambridge to protest the unregulated Uber drive share market they said inhibits equal opportunity and is harmful to consumers.


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