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SGA Wrap-Up: September 15th, 2015.

Your student government returned to session on Tuesday afternoon. Get excited! And come on down, next time. Plenty of seats.

Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer gave a warm congrats to all who participated and were essential to the operation of club Training Day last weekend. The event has always inspired mixed opinion from the student body, and a further discussion between council members took place about how to improve Training Day’s benefits and appeal.

“I credit you all with setting the example of what good energy can look like,” said Amma Marfo of the Office of Student Activities. Several SGA members agreed that better optimization of the closed sessions may free up blocks of time.

“They had this expectation that it was going to be horrible,” said Keith Becker on intercepting some hate and low expectation. Ms. Marfo remained optimistic. “Once they did it, (people) thought ‘we’re fine,'” she said.

The SGA popularized use of a hashtag for Training Day, #ECSGtrain.

Related: Thursday afternoon’s club involvement fair will kick off during Activities Period in the quad. Dan Darcy told the SGA that he encourages attendance of first year and transfer students.

The threat of poor weather has rescheduled a Saturday trip to Castle Island. A program called Boston Beyond features weekend excursions led by Emmanuel faculty. On Friday, October 8th, first year students can join the fabulous Whitney Wilson on an adventure to Copley Square at the Boston Public Library.

Apparently, we have a graduate of Emmanuel College who just wrote for Tina Fey as she produced The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. Charla Lauriston, a hero, will be on campus Friday at 6 PM in the Jean Yawkey Center.

Two applicants for the Curriculum Committee, a student academic advisory board, were unanimously sworn in to the SGA. Returning Committee member Alanna Woodlock and newcomer Brenna Holmes-Mumford, both sophomores, wrote in summarizing their qualifications of leadership experience and fondness for the Bruins.

According to the Treasury, $10,000 is available this semester for club special funding.

The IT Department will join the SGA next week for a presentation on current work and initiatives. Corrine Frances, a council member who is employed there, spoke on the behalf of IT and said that problems surrounding EC Print and uncooperative internet browsers will be fully addressed soon.

The Hub was honored by the SGA for such dedicated reporting of student government affairs. Well, shucks everyone. We try. Thanks to all, and especially Dan Darcy for the shout-out. You the man.

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