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Change of Hours for Campus Mailroom

The Emmanuel College mailroom has changed its operating hours for the 2015/2016 school year. The hours of the mailroom are now 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Up until this year, the hours were 8:00am to 5:00pm but they have been shortened to give staff more time to process incoming and outgoing mail.

“We need more time in the morning and at night to manage all of the mail coming in. There is a lot of housekeeping to be done everyday.” said Dennis Paul, a mailroom clerk.

“Bear with us, we are in our busiest season right now,” Paul said about the recent surges of incoming packages.

The first few weeks of class the mailroom receives over two hundred packages a day, which is an overwhelming amount for the small staff to process while still completing other daily tasks.

If you are expecting a package or any letter mail please be patient and respectful. Follow these helpful guidelines from the mailroom staff on how to receive mail and use the mailroom.

  • Please WAIT for an email from the mailroom alerting you that your package is available for pickup, just because Amazon or UPS has send an email saying that it has been delivered does not mean that it has been processed by the EC staff and does not mean that you will be able to pick it up
  • If you are not getting emails from the mailroom but you are receiving packages check your spam folder for the emails or contact IT
  • The mailroom does not sell stamps/envelope, but the bookstore in the JYC does
  • You can mail anything out from the mailroom if it already has the correct postage
  • The mailroom does not accept outgoing Fed-Ex packages
  • You can get your mailbox number and combination from the mailroom during operating hours but you must present your student ID
  • If your mailbox does not open contact your RD and report it to facilities

The mailroom is an important part of life on campus and if you know how to use it correctly it can be a very helpful place!

The mailroom is located in room 150 of the Administration building. To contact, call 617-735-9933 or email

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