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Emmanuel Alumna Charla Lauriston Wows the Crowd

On September 19, the Emmanuel auditorium was filled with alumni, teachers, and current students during the showcase of “Clench and Release”, 2009 alumna Charla Lauriston‘s critically acclaimed web series.

In her series, Lauriston portrayed topics such as “chicken shaming” between African-Americans as well as the relationship between herself and her twin sister. Her video portrays storylines in hopes that everyone can find a piece of themselves in her story. A story, Lauriston revealed towards the end of the evening, that had piqued the interest of Hollywood. Lauriston is currently in the process of pitching  “Clench and Release” as a TV show to producers. She flew to Boston from LA after meeting with some potential producers.

The night was a mix of viewing “Clench and Release” and Lauriston answering questions from both the audience and Amma Marfo, Assistant Director of Student Activities, who served as the night’s moderator.

Lauriston was authentic when it came to answering questions asked to her. At one point she even said she would talk about money, because “nobody ever talks about money, but it is very much a real thing.” She openly talked about how much it cost to make the first season of “Clench and Release” ($2500) and how much she made when she worked part-time while trying to pursue her comedy career.

Lauriston also discussed how she was able to get people to watch “Clench and Release” when it first came out. She sent out lots of press releases before finally getting featured on Splitsider, which is how she was able to get her manager.

While at Emmanuel, Lauriston was an OL, RA, and the commencement speaker. She worked briefly as a real estate agent, in the BU study abroad office, and then in the Senate office before following her passion of comedy. If the fact that Lauriston went from being in the level zero class at the Peoples Improv Theater to being in the top eight list of African-American women deemed “ready” for Saturday Night Live is any indication, it was a wise decision.

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