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SGA Wrap-Up: Tight Special Funding Budget Looms Over Fall

A practice in which Student Activities money was allowed to roll over on a semester basis within the treasury has been discontinued.

Upon hearing what’s left of the total budget for club special fund requests this fall, Class of 2016 President Anastasia Yogas asked if it was possible to adjust it. Student activities money not spent by the SGA has apparently rolled over with no constraint for several years, a cycle that was “never allowed in the first place” according to Director of Finance Jeff Zakrzewski. He didn’t specify exact reasons why this was prohibited and could not be reached for immediate comment.

As of this Tuesday, $8,307.02 remains for miscellaneous club special fund requests. That’s for the rest of the year, impacting all clubs at Emmanuel.

Model United Nations Club, EC Huellas and Habitat for Humanity were independently awarded money for their purposes at the meeting, totaling a cost of $1,673. The Fall 2015 Special Fund budget was originally $10,000.

At an SGA session and presentation of club achievements on April 21 in the Library Lecture Hall, the Finance Committee reported that $14,983.67 remained for club special funding at the end of spring semester. That number was leftover from $40,000 the SGA began with in the previous fall.

For notable reference, at the April 17th Budget Hearing, SGA organization EC Superfans requested $25,000 in special funding. No representatives were in attendance to provide details for a $4,000 “Headphone Disco party” or Superfan apparel.

According to live tweets from The Hub posted during the hearing, Superfans were awarded a figure below $10,000.

On Tuesday, several members of the SGA recommended giving word in advance about the situation. A lengthier discussion will be held at the next meeting and all students are invited to participate.

Earlier in the meeting, Sean Philpos and Al Osward of the IT Department gave a presentation about the Microsoft Office 365 upgrade suite, EC Print service and environmental sustainability.

IT has heard complaints that EC Print can fail when using two widely popular internet browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox, due to a plug-in malfunction. The problem is being addressed.

The number of personal devices using Emmanuel College’s wireless internet service increased significantly this year. But the school has cut down its printing habit by a dramatic amount.

Next week, the bookstore will be on hand to meet the SGA assembly.

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