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Get Involved on Campus by Getting Away from It: The New EC Weekends

Emmanuel College welcomes a new program to its repertoire for the 2015-2016 academic year: EC Weekends. The new program is part of a campus wide initiative by the administration to increase “campus vibrancy.”

The program is being spearheaded by Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer, Dan Darcy, and the Office of Academic Affairs, who are working to enhance an older initiative to keep students on campus during the weekends. The program was started in response to the administration receiving feedback from students saying that there was nothing to do on campus.

“We want students to be happy and engaged,” Darcy stated about the program’s goal.

The initiative has already been put into action, with fifteen events having been scheduled for the month of September alone. Some of the on-campus programs included the EC Dodgeball Tournament, The COF Block Party, and the Clench and Release Party, a comedy show performed by alumna Charla Lauriston.

Much of the new EC Weekends program is scheduled around the Jean Yawkey Center, with the objective of highlighting the JYC on the weekends. The program is being managed by Hannah Berling, a grad student getting her degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Salem State. Berling is setting up an EC Weekend Programming Board, which will involve students in the planning of EC Weekend events in the JYC.

This is not to be confused with the ECPB Weekend Planning Boards, which already exists on campus.

“We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. They know this is happening.” Berling stated.

Berling explained that there was no budget on the program, but that they would “work to defend why we need to do things,” going through Dr. Rissmeyer and the Office of Student Affairs (?). However she added that, “Many things we can do on a low budget.” She also expressed that the Programming Board was interested in collaborating with clubs and sports teams in order to put on events.

The EC Weekend Programming Board plans on doing a launch on the weekend of October 23rd, however Berling is currently unsure of exactly what that event will be.

In addition to programs taking place on campus and in the JYC, EC Weekends also offers a number of off campus excursions available to interested students. Planned trips for the month of September have included trips to Coolidge Corner and Castle Island, as well as an excursion to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park on the 25th, where tickets were offered to students at a discounted price, and a trip to SoWa Market in the South End of the 27th.

The off-campus excursions were created with the intention of giving students something to do over the weekend, but came with the added objective of helping to teach new students how to get around the city.

“We really want our new students to explore and discover the best places to go in Boston.” Dr. Rissmeyer stated. By taking students out to hot spots in the city, such as a potential trip to the North End proposed by Dr. Joe, students not only learn to appreciate the city they are privileged to live in, they learn how to use the T.

Being able to comfortably travel around the city is essential skill for any college student studying in Boston. The program coordinators also believe that the program could help increase retention rates by giving students the opportunity to be engaged on and off campus and feel at home in the city of Boston.

To any student who might still be skeptical about this program which gets students out into the city, Dr. Rissmeyer says, “Pretty soon you’ll be a senior. You might discover something you love.”

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Check out the photo gallery from one of the first EC Weekends events, the COF Block Party.

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