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New Face Given to Loretto Bathrooms

During the summer of 2015, all the bathrooms in Loretto Hall were renovated.

The project was talked up during orientations and tours for first year and incoming students.

The previous summer, the bathrooms in St. Anne’s Hall were renovated after Sister Anne Mary Donovan, the Vice President of Finance/Treasurer, looked at the bathrooms and realized the condition they were in.

Sister Anne began planning for the Loretto bathroom redo in January, preordering materials to make sure they all arrived on time. After redoing the bathrooms in Anne’s, Sister Anne learned how to better prepare for such a project. The bathrooms in Loretto was a much bigger job than those in Anne’s as there are more bathrooms to be done over. It was a much more efficient project and was stayed more on budget.

Sister Anne stated they would like to get to all the bathrooms in the residence halls, however because it requires the total shutdown of the residence hall, it will take more time to get to St. Joe’s and Julie Hall.

Immediately after students left for the year, demolition began.

“The overall cost was 1.4 million dollars to do the job. We had to take that money from the Endowment because we wouldn’t have any money like that…” said Sister Anne.

In order to take money from the Endowment, Sister Anne first went to the Board of Trustees, of which Sister Anne is a member. The project is then proposed, and an estimate is given for the cost of the project. The estimate is then given to the Finance Committee who then goes back to the Board of Trustees as to whether or not the money can come from the Endowment.

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Students weighed in on the changes.

KL: “Did you have any expectations coming in about the bathrooms?”

Audrey Hall ’19:

“I had heard bad things about college bathrooms, like, cause it’s like, especially freshman. It’s a whole bunch of kids who aren’t used to living with other people, living like together and sharing a bathroom. But I also heard that the Loretto bathrooms look really nice, like they just re-did them so I was like, kind of neutral.”

“I think, comparatively people are more conscious of like how, but I can’t really compare it because I’ve never also lived in a bathroom you know, with other people that’s been messy… I think people are a little more cautious of it because it’s not already messed up.”

KL: “What do you think of the bathrooms in Loretto?”

Nancy Yarpah ’19:

“I’m on ground floor and we have three, which is my only issue because there’s a bunch of girls on the floor. As for the bathrooms themselves I think they’re really nice.”

KL: “Do you think people have been taking care of them and keeping them clean?”

“I think to the best of their abilities, like it’s different people coming from different places, some people aren’t used to being clean, some people are. My only issue, like I have seen some not sanitary stuff that I won’t say just because I feel like it’s too graphic. I think the bathroom itself is nice, I think we can do a little better about keeping them clean.”

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