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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Attracted a Howling Crowd to the Quad


Photo taken by Robert Esposito. New Haven, CT

Emmanuel students flooded the quad in their campus sweatshirts, blankets, and jackets to sit and watch the solar eclipse at 10 p.m. yesterday.

In less than thirty minutes, the number of students doubled. People from different classes gathered together with their friends for a chance to stick their chins up to the sky as the crescent moon transformed from piercing white to a blood orange.

Katie Walker ’19 and Alexis Erlendson ’19, both first years at Emmanuel, decorated their spot on the grass with colorful blankets, pillow pets, and a few snacks while they watched the show.

“I think it’s awesome!” Walker stated while gazing at the sky with an enthusiastic smile.

“We really feel in the community vibe.” Erlendson added.

They heard about the gathering when they walked past the quad and saw a bunch of people sitting together. That’s when they ran to their dorms and grabbed their blankets so they could watch the eclipse with everyone.

“We’ve been out here for an hour… but we’ve been meeting people we wouldn’t normally meet.” Walker added. The duo tightened the grip on their blankets around them and smiled from ear to ear.

Lyndon Harewood ’17 said he just, “followed the crowd.” Standing next to a group of friends and happily clapping with the rest of the students he stated, “We’re showing EC pride, however I didn’t know this many people went here.”

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Friends new and old stood on benches or sat together on the dewy grass to watch the wonderful transformation in the sky. Just until the sprinklers turned on and a few started dissipating.

After a few pictures Harewood added, “There are more people here than at [basketball] games. At the games we do more than the moon.”

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