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Annual K-9 Demonstration Took Place on the Quad

On September 29, Emmanuel joined with the Boston Police Department to have their annual K9 demonstration, performed to show students how police dogs are trained and utilized by the police force.

State policeman Officer Silva led the demonstration, narrating the demos and supplying students with information about the dogs used. He explained how each dog is dual trained, first as a patrol dog, and then either as a narcotics, weapons, or cadaver specialist. It takes a full year of training before the dogs go onto the streets.

Silva then explained that obedience and the ability to bond with officers are the most important things taught to the dogs. This was shown in the demonstration when one of the officers displayed the “grab and hold” mechanism where the dog grabs onto something and doesn’t let go until another officer says so.

Many students filled the quad in a semicircle in order to view the demos, with several either Snapchat-ing the event or exclaiming in awe over how obedient the dogs were.

“It was interesting to learn more about the law that protects us every day,” said Veronika Wilson ’19. “It’s nice to know how protected we are.”

“It’s funny how the cutest things can protect you the most.” exclaimed Alexandra Ricottili ’19, another student at the demonstration.

Indeed they do.

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