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SGA Wrap-up: September 29th, 2015

The general assembly met on Tuesday and discussed management of the smallest budget for club special funding in recent history.

President Catherine Graham opened the session advising those in the room to observe a respectful tone throughout the conversation, which was given priority on the agenda.

Director of Finance Jeff Zakrzewski told the SGA he “sent out a blast” on ECLearn to student leaders about the situation, prompting senior class president Anastasia Yogas to recommend he regularly update the student body about decreasing availability for miscellaneous funding.

Mr. Zakrzewski’s long winded break-down of exactly what contributed to the shortage also debuted a new general handbook for club treasurers and a dramatically adjusted method for clubs seeking funding after this semester. Under the new model, all campus organizations need not apply for a budget: money will be awarded to clubs on a request basis exclusively.

According to a draft of the new handbook, the senior class is poised to receive 10% of all money derived from Student Activities Fees. The Emmanuel College Programming Board receives 19% of that amount each semester, apparently for ease of event preparation.

Other general expenses include the cost to hold Training Day, the Through The Wire lecture series, the college’s subscription to The New York Times, salaries of the Corner Pocket employees and insurance.

Full time undergrads pay $220 as part of their tuition each academic year, and the SGA acquires that money to put towards all club expenses, entering what is referred to as the Student Activities Fund.

Last week the Finance Committee revealed that unspent money in the Student Activities Fund was improperly allowed to roll over each semester, reducing the Special Funding budget for this fall to a paltry $10,000. All the rest – averaging tens of thousands of dollars – was funneled into the school at large, but further details were unspecific.

Jeff said the rollover practice was overseen by several classes over a number of years without being addressed. The new system, he says, will give clubs access to money sooner. “I feel comfortable on the fact that right after you are approved at the Finance Committee, you can have access to funds,” said Class of 2016 Secretary MaryCatherine Dunne.

Requesting money from the fund will be determined by the event an organization is hosting, either a “Major” or “Minor” occasion. A major event has a cost greater than $2000 as stated in the new handbook.

The new Treasurers Handbook is still subject to revision and final approval.

The SGA will still pay for much of the same things it has traditionally such as transportation, 75% of hotel costs and the cost of food at on-campus events per an invoice.

A Q&A will be held at the next SGA meeting and all students are invited to participate.

Emmanuel’s Model United Nations club was awarded two amounts totaling $1,300 for unpaid conference fees. $7,023.23 remains in the Special Funding budget this semester.

The SGA will deliberate next week about senate members providing office hours to those interested in their time. Stay with The Hub for continuing updates.

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