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Snapchat Geofilter Comes to Emmanuel

At long lost, Emmanuel College has not one but two geofilters available on Snapchat, one of which was created by the Graphic Design Club.

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Julia Paige ’16, Graphic Design major with a minor in Photography, is the creator of the first Emmanuel geofilter. The process of getting a filter approved was long and frustrating for Paige. She submitted two designs that were denied before the third was chosen.

“It’s a super generic email, when you get declined,” Julia explained. “It basically just says this is why it’s not accepted, but it’s just their guidelines.”

The template for how to submit a filter is easy to access and available to anyone online. They must be approved by the Snapchat team before it is available to the public. After submitting the design, Paige waited for 2 weeks before hearing back from Snapchat.

Paige didn’t have any specific inspiration for the filter, she “just really likes the use of banners that look like that in designs.”

“As a graphic designer you always think about how much your work is going impact the people around you. […] It’s just so cool how everyone who goes to this school is going to see it. […] to have your work seen,” Paige said.

It is unknown as to who created the second design. There are currently some other members of the graphic design club working on creating new filters.

The Graphic Design Club meets Tuesdays at 6pm in Administration Building room 157.

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