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EC Faces: Megan Moriarty

For the first installment of EC faces this year, I sat down with Megan Moriarty. Megan is in the class of 2016 and will graduate in the spring. You may have seen her, “running across the quad, screaming, with dunkins in [her] hand.” She works as a front desk assistant in St. Ann’s. She is on the executive board of SGA and she is responsible for their marketing and advertising. She is also a SAGE mentor helping first year students adjust to college.

Megan Moriarty. Photo credit: Brandon Fitzpatrick

Megan does not remember her freshman year experience very fondly.

“My transition to college sucked […] I swear it was abnormal how badly I struggled.” She never left her room and went home every week. She was feeling homesick, something almost every freshman can relate. She was ready to leave Emmanuel.

“I had my transfer papers filled out.” She was ready to attend a college in her hometown.

“I was ready to get the heck out of here.” She almost left but after talking with her parents, they convince her to finish the year here.

When she was a freshman, she was having an especially hard time right after winter break. So, Megan made a list. It was rainbow colored, hung on the back of her door naming everything she liked about Emmanuel. That list was the last thing she saw before going to class everyday and she could see just how many reasons there were for her to stay.

“The second year, the difference was I was going to get involved.”

Megan joined SGA, SAGE and got a job at the front desk of St. Ann’s, choosing to stay at Emmanuel. “I ripped up all those transfer forms and I never thought about it again.”

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