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Farm to Fork with Bon Appetit

On October 6 in the Muddy River Cafe, Bon Appetit held a Farm to Fork Dinner with locally and ethically sourced foods for Emmanuel students.

The meal featured four courses: an appetizer of bison meatballs from Northeast Family Farms, a kale salad made from imperfectly delicious produce (IDP), chicken stuffed with spinach from Fallsburg, NY, garlic smashed potatoes from IDP and Hatfield, MA, honey glazed rainbow carrots from IDP and Seekonk, MA, and a dessert of apple crisp with whipped cream and ice cream featuring apples from Ashford, CT and ice cream from Amherst, NH.

During the meal, Bon Appetit fellow Nicole Tocco spoke about the ethics behind Bon Appetit’s food. Tocco explained that they strive to have at least 20 percent of all ingredients come from small, local vendors.

The humane treatment of animals is also of importance to Bon Appetit, according to Tocco, who said that by the end of 2015 the company wishes to have 25 percent of their meat, eggs, and poultry come from one of four verified animal welfare standards; Animal Welfare Approved, Global Animal Partnership, Certified Humane Raised & Handled, or Food Alliance Certified. These organizations are responsible for assessing whether or not a company meets there standards for humane animal treatment.

Bon Appetit does the same for their seafood, and will be holding a Fish to Fork dinner in the main dining hall in a few weeks.

Tocco went on to discuss the importance of making sure fair farm labor is involved in freshly picked fruits and vegetables, as well as the reduction and prevention of food waste both at Emmanuel and at the farms the food comes from.

Bon Appetit general manager Robin Fortado told the small crowd she wants to see more students at events like Farm to Fork where students can see where their food comes from.

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