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Diners, Drive-Ins, and…the Atrium? Delivery Service to Begin on Campus

Starting Monday October 12th, the Atrium Café will begin delivering a limited grill menu to students on campus.

All student workers and Bon Appétit staff that work in the Atrium will be delivering the food.

Atrium Café worker Matthew Maydoney ‘17 said in an interview that the workers will meet students in the lobby of their dorms, and not deliver directly to rooms, but “there’s still questions about the limits” of where on campus delivery will be offered.

The Atrium will be offering a limited menu of grill items for delivery. “All the food is relatively simple,” said Maydoney. Items that will be offered include but are not limited to whole pizzas, fried chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks. Menu items will be available in different portions and to order.

Students will have to call the Atrium phone number at (617)-732-1722 to place their orders. Credit cards, flex dollars, and Fenway Cash will be accepted. If students wish to pay in cash, they can order their meal as pickup.

Meal swipes will not be available for delivery options.

“They want to do it long term, [but] it’s something so new, it still is in a trial and error phase,” said Maydoney when asked about the longevity of the program.

On October 1st, to test out the new system, Bon Appétit held a free sampling in the Yawkey Center of some of the items that will be offered by the new system. They also handed out full menus.

“It went well” said Maydoney about the tasting, “There were a lot of people that were really excited about it.”

“I was a bit skeptical at first,” he said, noting his initial worries that “everyone would be in constant demand of service to their room” which could leave café workers busy or could see them constantly trekking through snow later on in the semester.

“It kind of got thrown at me,” Maydoney admitted, but added that he is now much less concerned.

“The more that I think about it… there are definitely some people who will need it. [Students] with hours and hours of work during midterm season, or anyone that’s super, super sick.”

Acknowledging that the new system could face “some bumps in the road,” Catherine Corbo, a manager for Bon Appétit at Emmanuel, noted that the service will reassess itself and work out any kinks for the future.

She also added that the delivery menu will not be available for standard Atrium Café ordering, but that Bon Appétit will work to solve any issues that arise from the new system.

“Right now, you can’t get just a pizza slice. You can only order a whole pizza,” she stated, adding that the food service company is still trying to figure out what is going to work best for everyone.

Corbo noted Bon Appétit was willing to work with any and all feedback as the system is implemented.

The service will run solely at the Atrium from 7pm until close starting Monday, October 12th.

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