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SGA Wrap-Up: October 13th, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, Adviser to the SGA Dan Darcy went beardless, several new clubs were formally recognized as campus organizations, and the fall special funding budget dropped to just under $6,000.

Members from Political Forum gave a presentation after they were elected as part of this week’s Club Spotlight by Graphic Design Club in a previous session. Linnea Erickson told class officers that the Forum’s advisers are dedicated, profiling a trip to Washington D.C last spring led by professor Marie Natoli. Political Forum is also responsible for the annual 9/11 memorial outside the Wilkens Science Center, and a panel on race relations that followed unrest across the nation when several unarmed African Americans were killed by police or died in their custody.

Several proposed clubs that received the necessary amount of signatures to be recognized by the SGA as campus organizations were formally recognized yesterday. An Armenia club seeks to educate Emmanuel students about Armenian culture as well as the 1915 persecution and genocide of Armenian people often overlooked by American public schools.

“We want to get everyone involved; we have a lot of Armenia events around Boston,” said a member of the club executive board. The Armenia club will host weekly meetings according to a drafted constitution. There was unanimous consent to approve the club.

Next, a Harry Potter club sought recognition in order to facilitate discussion and lore surrounding the esteemed J.K Rowling universe. “We’re trying to make this inclusive of fans interest,” said Emily Penta. Another member of the executive board told the SGA that members would never run out of material to talk about. A motion passed unanimously to approve the club.

The Emmanuel chapter of Her Campus, a self-described “global online community for women” according to the publication’s central website, was also formally recognized as a campus organization. “We highlight different campus news, faculty, staff… We just post really fun articles,” said President Sammy Martin, who described their work as like a “mini-Buzzfeed.” She also made an appeal for broadening the presence of Emmanuel College in working with clients nationally for articles and supporting sponsored content. “It’s great to be recognized by the SGA and have that kind of support there,” she said. A motion passed unanimously to recognize Her Campus Emmanuel.

Finally, a proposed Chronic Illness and Awareness Club was unanimously recognized by the SGA as a campus organization. The club will feature a support group format. “You move away from family; you’re away from support group of friends in high school. We wanted to provide that space on campus,” said the group’s president.

The Saint Joe’s Hall-based Corner Pocket requested $150.00 for special funding to purchase prizes for several upcoming tournaments after it was recommended they curtail the original amount by half. President Karla Caldwell arrived and was awarded the money, but a question was heard by class senator Elijah Calvi about an outstanding judicial warning against the Corner Pocket that he believed should be considered before a motion. Any affect of that judicial warning was dismissed and the SGA unanimously approved the motion.

All class officers selected one hour in which they will be available in the SGA office for support throughout the week after a survey conducted last week about potential need for such availability.

$5,974.15 remains in the special funding budget. A running tally is available on the ECLearn student leaders page, per Jeff of the Treasury.

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