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Dating Violence on Campus

Emmanuel’s annual security and fire report was recently released to the public on the portal, and contained important information about happenings regarding safety at the college.

One section of the report indicated that dating violence increased on campus from 0 incidences to 4 from 2013 to 2014. According to John Kelly, head of campus safety, dating violence can be classified as physical, emotional, or mental.

Kelly went on to explain that campus police are glad students feel safe reporting incidents of dating violence, and they feel that the reason the number has increased to 4 is not necessarily because more cases happened on campus; they feel it is because students now have a voice and are reporting these occurrences.

Many initiatives have been taken on campus to lower the possibility of any form of sexual violence happening. Some examples include that “all new faculty and staff have been trained in areas such as dating violence, harassment, stalking, sexual assaults… they need to sign policies and do online training. The RA’s all had training in all of these topics as well prior to this school year.” said Kelly.

He also said that campus safety’s goal is to “drag this crime out of the shadows and give students a voice, and that it’s not something the victim should keep to themselves.”

A popular program in previous years at Emmanuel has been the Rape Aggression Defense Program (RAD). The RAD program has been offered at Simmons the past couple years, but it will be back at Emmanuel this semester.

Lieutenant Brian Lilly is the RAD instructor. The point of the program is to help anyone “that feels apprehensive about walking alone, if they need confidence in defense skills; they should be exposed to that.” said Lilly.

The RAD program is a great tool in empowering students, and to help them if they are ever in a vulnerable scenario. The program is offered separately to men and women.

The program will be held in the basement of St. Joe’s. The exact starting date has yet to be determined.

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