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Wedding Bells Will Ring on Emmanuel Campus

Some couples are so in love at Emmanuel they will even say their wedding vows in the chapel.

wedding pic 1

Picture: Allyson Young ’11 and Rory Piper on their July 11th wedding (Photo Credit to Laurel Bolden)

wedding pic 2

Picture: Victoria Cole ’11 and Nick Kilburne ’09 on their June 20th wedding (Photo Credit to Laurel Bolden)

“There’s not much of an application, one person has to be an alum,” said Laurel Bolden, the Mission and Ministry Administrative Assistant. “We are seeing a lot of times now the couples met on campus.”

Laurel is the contact person for Emmanuel alums interested in booking a date to get married at their alma mater. She suggests that couples contact her a year in advance, already scheduling weddings for Columbus Day 2016.

“Emmanuel does not stand alone,” Laurel stated when explaining how to pick dates for the weddings. They have to plan the wedding around times the school does not have events that will bring a lot of foot traffic, such as orientation, and open houses. The most popular times for weddings are Columbus Day weekend and weekends in June.

There is some paper work that the couple must fill out when planning for the wedding.

“If both parties are Catholic there is minimum paperwork, they just have to submit their birth certificates.” Father John explains. The reason for the paper work is to prove that nobody in the party is connected to anybody else to prevent them from getting married. If one member is not Christian the paper work is more extensive, but the couples are always allowed to marry, this is just a formality.

The couple then must attend a Pre Canna, and meet with Father John, who performs the ceremony. The couple is allowed to bring a priest of their choosing if they prefer.

A wedding in the chapel costs $500 which goes towards the cost of electricity, lighting, etc.

The couple must find a different venue for the reception, because the chapel is the only place Emmanuel rents out to the couple.

After the ceremony the couple is invited to go out onto campus to take pictures, the favorite locations are usually on the quad and the front steps of the Admission Building.

This Columbus Day, Kendall ’10 and Mike ’10 were married in the chapel. They met through a roommate and after four years of dating Mike took Kendall out for a walk after dinner in the Fenway area. Once on campus he proposed in front of St. Joe’s Hall because that is where they met in 2009.

Later in October Julie ’08 and Ryan ’08 are tying the knot. They met when Julie decided to walk up to Ryan and ask for his number outside St. Joe’s Hall. The rest is history.

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