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SGA Wrap-Up: October 20th, 2015

Class officers met on Tuesday to hear special funding requests, a short presentation by Model United Nations Club, and a flurry of updates from campus safety with Director Jack Kelly.

The Emmanuel chapter of Her Campus, formally recognized as an SGA organization last week, sought funds to hold a “Kiss the Canvas” event supporting breast cancer research. $182.37 would go towards the purchase of baked goods, promotional materials and blank canvasses that participants kiss with special cosmetics donated by online retailer BeautyLynk. A motion was approved unanimously. The event will take place on Tuesday, October 27th in the Jean Yawkey Center.

The Film Club received $150.00 for rights to show the film “Bridegroom” as part of a cosponsored event on campus, and the Black Student Union was awarded $215.00 for the purchase of mugs to feature at an Alumni event.

Model United Nations Club was honored as part of the SGA’s weekly club spotlight, and members talked about experiences at several conferences the club attends annually. MUN nominated the Black Student Union for next week’s Club Spotlight.

Jack Kelly began his address with concerns about bicycles on campus, which he said have proliferated both in spaces where they’re designated and where they’re not. He proposes a registration system for bike owners so the college can properly manage the number of bicycles parked on campus. Mr. Kelly also touched upon the threat of bike theft. “In my experience if you’ve got a bike worth securing, it’s no use securing them with a cable lock,” he said.

The Rape Aggression Defense program, or RAD, will resume in the 2015-2016 academic year on Saturday mornings. “Were gonna be starting again in the basement of St. Joe’s,” said Mr. Kelly, answering a call for the program’s return. The first session is expected to begin at 11 AM this weekend.

Campus Safety is now certified to use nasal Narcan, an opioid disruptor that can save a life from overdose. Mr. Kelly said the presence of drugs which Narcan is intended for is minimal in the COF and immediate area, but that preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.

The talk shifted to active shooter scenarios in the wake of this month’s mass killing of ten students and faculty members at a college in Oregon. “It’s something that we don’t ever expect happen on campus, but we continue to drill and train,” said Mr. Kelly. A lock down drill involving Emmanuel faculty and the student body at large is expected to take place this fall.

Eric Cote, a class officer, extended his appreciation for such a drill. “As a campus safety student worker I think I would like to have the same training,” he said.

Emmanuel College released its annual Security and Fire Report for the 2014 Academic year this October 1st, revealing new crime statistics involving theft and notably dating violence on campus. “If there is someone who has experienced an issues they need to bring it forward,” said Mr. Kelly. The Boston Globe recently cited Emmanuel as one of several private Massachusetts colleges that refuse to make its police records public by request.

On general portal alerts of threats on or around campus, Jack says that only timely information can be reported to the community, when danger has not been resolved.

Lt. Betsy Higgenbotham was recently appointed to Emmanuel campus safety as the first woman lieutenant on the force. She will join her husband, also a lieutenant, who frequently serves on overnight shifts at the college.

The campus safety shuttle has been privy to complaints this semester as miscommunication abounds over when it operates or where it goes. Mr. Kelly said operation of the shuttle is not an exact science. “As in all things, we need patience.”

After Mr. Kelly departed, the SGA further deliberated about available student office hours, and the Finance Committee revealed that a new draft of the Treasurer’s Handbook will be debuted in November.

$5426.81 is left in the special funding budget for Fall 2015.

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