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Emmanuel Ghost Stories

Have you ever walked through Admin and felt like someone was watching you, even though no one was there? Do you ever feel a cold, spooky presence in your dorm room? Emmanuel College is home to 2,082 undergrad students and one-hundred years worth of ghosts. The Library Archives have provided us with records of every reported haunting, ghost sighting and paranormal occurrence on campus since 1919.

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julie hall

Julie Hall (1960’s) Photo: Library Archives

Julie Hall

Julie Hall was built in 1957 as the college began to accept more on-campus students. In 1974 Beth Israel Hospital borrowed Julie Hall from EC to accommodate the hospital’s needs. It has been said that Beth Israel used the residence hall as a morgue from 1974 to 2002. Residents of Julie hall are sleeping in the same rooms that Beth Israel used to store all of their dead bodies. Students have reported that the halls do feel a little haunted and sometimes a chill goes down their spine when they are alone in the halls at night. This on-campus dorm has the highest possibility of being haunted, but it also has air conditioning.

St. Joe’s Hall

St. Joe’s opened in 1966 and was nicknamed the “super-dorm” because of it’s size and student occupancy. The high volume of residents who have lived (and died) there makes this dorm extra scary.


St. Joe’s Hall (1970’s) Photo: Library Archives

The Third Floor Ghost

When the elevator is passing the third floor, it will often stop and open the door, even when no one is waiting for it and the buttons have not been pushed. A specter could be behind this. The room closest to the elevator will sometimes unlock and the door will pop open when no one has turned the knob or is near the room.

The Bathroom Ghost

Years ago, a junior living on the second floor was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She heard a shower curtain open behind her and through the mirror saw an unfamiliar girl step out of the shower. The girl instantly disappeared before the student could turn around. It has been said that the bathroom ghost will step out of the shower, dripping wet in her bathrobe and disappear. Students also have reported hearing wet footsteps in the hallway when no one is there.

Second Floor Ghost

In October 1993, Kendra Hoyt who was a junior at the time reported feeling the presence of a spirit. She lived in the back wing of second floor St. Joe’s and often experienced “a cold rush of air that seems as though it almost goes through your entire body and when you look in a mirror you can catch a glimpse of something low, hovering and shadowy moving quickly.” Kendra worked as a Resident Assistant the following summer and was asked by many conference attendants staying in the dorms if there were spirits living in the building. They had also seen the shadowy figures and felt the chills. When the Dean of Students at the time, Sister Edie Daly was confronted about the spirits in the building, she confirmed that students had reported similar paranormal activities, such as looking into a mirror and seeing an unexplained reflection.

St. Ann’s Hall

St. Anne’s Hall opened in 1962 when Marian Hall was converted from dorm rooms to faculty offices and classrooms.

St. Ann’s Hall (1962) Photo: Library Archives

In recent years, a student living on the fourth floor reported seeing a ghost in her dorm. She came home late one weekend night and didn’t want to wake her roommate. She entered the room leaving the lights off and quickly got ready for bed. When she got settled in bed she heard a cough from her roommate’s bed. She looked over and saw that the other bed was empty. Suddenly a girl appeared at the foot of her bed and stared straight at her. The student reached for her phone to call her roommate but when she looked back at where the girl had appeared she was already gone. Her roommate eventually responded saying that she was at her boyfriend’s apartment for the night. The student never saw the ghostly girl again, but would sometimes come back to the room only to find that her things had been moved around and rearranged.

The Administration Building

There are many reports from campus security guards of paranormal encounters in the admin building, especially at night when they are making their rounds on all five floors.


Hallway of Admin Building (1928) Photo: Library Archives

The Darkness on the Fourth Floor

A security guard was making his rounds on the fourth floor of Admin when the lights suddenly went out and the hallway went pitch black. It was too dark for him to see where he was so he placed his hands on the wall and felt his way back to the main stairwell. He was heading towards the stairs when he felt a cold wall in his way. He was confused because he knew that no such wall existed. The security guard closed his eyes to say a quick prayer and when he opened them the lights were back on. He ran downstairs to campus safety to ask the other guards if they had noticed the power outage but none of them knew what he was talking about. The guard realized that if the other floors hadn’t lost power he would’ve been able to see the light from the third floor shining in the stairwells…

The Smoking Security Ghost

Over the past few years many nighttime Emmanuel security guards have reported seeing a phantom guard inside the Admin building. He is easy to distinguish from the normal guards because he is dressed in an old fashioned uniform and always smoking a cigarette. Once spotted he will instantly disappear.

The Staircase Ghost

A veteran security guard reports that late one night during a holiday break he was walking through second floor Admin (away from the Auditorium and towards Admissions) and saw a girl walking up the stairs by the elevator. He was surprised to see a student in the building at a time when students weren’t supposed to be on campus. He noticed that she was wearing an old fashioned black dress and carried leather books in her arms. She continued to walk up the stairs towards him and slowly turned left at the landing and into a locked door. She was able to open the door and vanished once inside. The guard was unable to open the door to follow her. He later discovered that the locked door leads to the shaft near the chapel, which goes nowhere…


Administration Building (1940’s) Photo: Library Archives

Have you seen any ghosts on campus? Do you even catch a shadowy figure in your mirror but it disappears before you can snap a pic? Comment below with your own EC ghost stories!!

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