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ECPB Has Found a Way to Make Bingo Even Better: Wings!

The anticipation filled the air as the proctor read of the bingo number. Who was going to win this round?

wingo 2

Photo Cred: Madison Daigle

The prizes for the night consisted of gift cards to: Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks. Or the winner could choose to select an ECPB water bottle and a portable phone charger.

After everyone got their bingo boards and wings the games began, while the Patriots played in the background.

The night was full of winners including both the Patriots and 8 bingo winners:

Adam Mcsweeney a 2015 graduate of Kings College, London with a masters in Physics. He won a Chipotle gift card.

Adrianna Durcher Class Secretary of  2017. She also won a Chipotle gift card.

Katie Whelan ’18 won a Chipotle gift card.

Joe Maspo ’18 won a water bottle and portable charger.

Jeff Malavasi ’18 won a Starbucks gift card.

Victoria Aradillos won a Starbucks gift card.

Madison Daigle ’19 won a water bottle and portable charger

Pamela Blaise ’15 won a Dunkin Donuts gift card.

During the night ECPB also has an event sign up table, where you could sign up to go on a trip to Wrentham Outlets or NYC.

wingo 1

Photo Cred: Madison Daigle

After you signed up for a trip you were able to spin the wheel and win a prize.

Wings and Patriots make bingo better.

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